Name Sascha de Waal


2007 - 2011 Etty Hillesum Lyceum Het slatink - VMBO-t
2011 - 2015 Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht - Game Devolopment MBO-4
2015 - present day (until 2020) University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) - Game Devolopment HBO

Work experience

2014 - 2015 Pixel Pixies - Internship Game Programing
2017 Little Chicken Game Company B.V. - Internship Game Programing
2018 Little Chicken Game Company B.V. - Game Developer
2014 - present day Virtask B.V. - Software development

Programing Skills

Unity3D C#
Sprites, UI, NGUI, Photon, BehaviourBricks, Shaders, Created custom plugins
ES5, ES6, NodeJS, NodeWebkit, Electron, ReactJS, Angular, PassportJS, ESLint
C# .net
Mostly Console programs like servers or programing exercises
Unreal Engine (learning now), SFML, Arduino
Python 2.7
Photon, WebRTC (peerJS and SimpleWebRTC), Get/Set to server, Websockets, Unity Network
Waypoints (waling arround), Bevaviour tree, Boids
Actionscript 3
With Adobe Flash, FlashDevelop. See my old DeviantArt (ssdw) for some flash games.

Other Skills

Project tools Agile/Scum, Git, Perforce, Slack
Researching Google, DuckDuckGo and Stack Overflow are good friens of my, I see them almost every day!
Hardware/Electronic Arduino, Raspbery, 3D printing
3D moddels Solid works, Autodesk Fusion, Tinkercad (Most for 3D printing)
Photography I like to take action photos. Photos with a Story, something that is happening.

Other experiences

Game Jams Global Game Jam (2012 and 2015), Living lab
Open Source projects Open Surge
Sports Athletics (8 years), Jujutsu (2 years), Archery (3 years)
Scouting 8 years member, Treasurer (2 years), Scouting leader (1 year)
Volunteer work Scouting, Nursing home

Current freetime activities

Roleplay Advanced dungeons and dragons, Pathfinder, Larp, Fursuiten
Archery Sometimes in the woods or with friends.
Waching movies My friend and I have a Pathe Unlimited card (Unlimited to the cinema)