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Magic hand

In larp (Life action roleplay) you have people who play a wizard. I always thought it was awkward. They say "fireball" and point to someone. This takes me right out of the game. So I tried to think about a way to fix this.

My answer to this was a glove with LED on the inside of your hand and on the back (you don't see it in the picture) is an accelerometer. This is a sensor which can measure movement. The idea is when you move a little (a game) in the right order, the lights are going to give a colour by which the people around you can see that the game was correctly executed.

In this way I hoped that the light can give an indication to others what game this person is doing and that the wizard/person is going to act, instead of standing there and pointing to people and explaining what he just did.

The problem was that the LED's weren’t bright enough. Outside with the sun, it was like you have a red or blue paper in your hand. I tried to rotate the light, but that was still not enough to be visible.

The design ball

The design ball is a ball that helps designing, like the name implies. An important thing to do while designing is ask yourself questions. Questions like: what is the unique selling point? Or who is going to use it? Why would they use it?

That is why I created the design ball. The idea is that you can play with it while thinking about the problem. But sometimes the ball is going to ask you a design question. You need to give an answer until the ball is completely green. There is a microphone inside, so you need to speak loud enough to make it green.

See video

3D printer

You see 3D printers everywhere. It's a big hype, so I build one. It was a Building package from Velleman. By making this printer I learned a lot about 3D printing in general and knowing my way around fiddling with hardware components. With this knowledge I build upon the existing hardware of the printer and I am still improving it.

Automatic scrolling

This mouse has a build in auto-scroll. There are two buttons on the side of the mouse. When you press it, the motor drives the scroll wheel and the page is scrolling up or down. I know this is pretty useless, but I had fun making it.