Concordea Who will be the mayor of all berlin?

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TypeGroup Project




EngineUnity 5.3, Nodejs
LanguageC#, Javascript


The Russians and Americans are going to release Berlin and the rest of Germany. But there is a problem, Berlin has two mayors. There will be an election to decide who will be the mayor of the united Berlin. The game is a multiplayer game where each player is mayor of one part of Berlin.

Both players need to convince the people of Berlin that they are the best mayor. They can do this by solving conflicts in the city. This means that the player must successfully complete a dialogue system, but they can also use propaganda tools like newspapers or tv commercials. It is also possible to do some illegal stuff like sending a spy. You can see the vote ratings of your own area, and also the ratings of area of the other mayor. Or pay a boy to make 'accidentally' conflicts in another area. This all costs money of course but there is a limit.


We build a real-time dialogue strategy game with time limit. This all was a bit experimental and it didn't work very well. In this game you need to act fast and some players prefer to read it all and take it slow. I am still happy we tried it.

I created a plugin, the Narator could add his text without the need of a programmer.


This was my first network game. I created a NodeJS server. There was a class in the project that was responsible for receiving and sending data. It opens and maintains a tcp socket connection to the NodeJS server. Every class could send Jason files to this class. When this class received new data, an event was called out together with the date. This meant that every class was checking of the information was important. This wasn't really a great technique (it takes too many tasks) but remember, this was my first Network game.