Hak ze voor die pan Smash it for food

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NameHak ze voor die pan
TypeGroup Project




EngineUnity 5.3

The project

This was a project we did for the Nederlande openluchtmuseum. They wanted a game that educates people about child labour in the Netherlands around 1800.

The core message

Nowadays, it is normal to go to school and there are laws against child labour. But in the 1800’s there was a reason for children to work. If the child didn't work the family (incl. the child) didn't have food and would die. But at the same time, when the child goes to school, it can do the job much better and will earn more. But school cost money, and they couldn't afford it. We wanted this problem to be our core mechanic.

The game

To tell the core message, the player needs to collect coins by smashing stones. For each broken stone, he get a coin. He can bring this coin to his family, so that they can eat. When they have no coins, they will die of starvation. But you can also bring 3 coins to the school. Here you'll get the necessary training and after that, you can smash twice as hard for 30 seconds. But in the time the player is at school, he can't work. So to do this, he first has to work extra hard.

To make this game funny, we made it a two player game where the last standing wins the game. Every time a stone breaks, a new stone spawned, but this one needs to be hit 125% more than the last one. So the games become tougher and tougher till you can only survive if you are educated.


The game is made with Unity. The level is completely built out of Sprites placed in the scene. As a placing rule, the z axes must be set to the same as their value. So when the player walks low on the screen, it's drawing in front of the stone, and when the player is higher, it's drawn behind it.

Each stone is an object, when the player hits the smash button, it looks for the closest stone and calls a smash method with his player ID. When the stone is broken, the stone disappears and gives the player a coin.