HTC Vive Tentacles a VR experiment in Unity

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NameProcedural Race World Generation
TypeGroup experiment




EngineUnity 5.5

The experiment

How can we give the player more freedom of movements when playing on the Vive? That was the question we asked ourselves because most of the time we saw somebody playing on the vive, they always keep their arms close to themselves. We wanted to find a way to break this.

We thought that by extending the arms, the user automatically makes bigger movements. So we created two tentacles, each controlled by one of the Vice controllers and placed objects in the world which the player can pick up and throw away. The player can only grab them with the extra-long tentacles, because they are too far away. We experimented a bit with the length of the tentacles and we found that when the tentacles are 10m the user is making the biggest movement. When they are too long, the user gets lazy, when they are too short, the user doesn't feel the need for the tentacles.